The conference organising committee together with the Steel Construction journal (Ernst & Sohn) honor the best colloquium paper with the Tomáš Vraný SDSS Award and publish it also in the journal. The award commemorates Czech Technical University Prague expert on stability of steel structures Tomáš Vraný (1965 – 2010).

Tomáš Vraný (1965 – 2010)

Tomáš Vraný graduated at the Czech Technical University in Prague in 1988. After his graduation, he became a research student with the thesis “Behaviour of trapezoidal sheeting connected to non-structural floor-boards” under supervision of Professor Jiří Studnička. In 1992, he became an assistant professor at the university. In 2002 he finished his research in “Rotational restraint of thin-walled Z-purlins” and became an associate professor. His findings were included in Eurocode 3 -1-3. He has translated several Eurocodes into Czech and was a National Technical Contact for Eurocode 3 – 6: Crane supporting structures. In ECCS TC7 “Cold-formed thin-walled sheet steel in buildings” he was very active in the sub committee “Practical Improvement of Design Procedures”. His contributions were always very well developed and his kind and friendly manner was positive to all discussions. Tomáš Vraný was one of the key persons at the Department of steel and timber structures at CTU Prague and a favoured lecturer among students. He was a fair-minded, hard-working and modest person, an expert, always ready to help, and mainly and excellent friend.